Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 3 - Saw the Girls

Today was the first Brownie meeting after the shearing. I had let them know, but I'm not sure some of them knew what to expect. Most of them were amazed and stared, after a while they wanted to feel it. The novelty of people stroking my head hasn't worn off yet, I quite like it! I don't think there was enough time for them to question me too much as we were a bit busy tonight on our trip to the Fire Station! Much fun!
Today I went with wearing jeans and the v-neck browny 3/4 length sleeve top and Connies, forgot the earrings today. Still aware how boyish I can look in some things. I wore my Leader polo as at Brownies, not sure I like the polo look.
So many more to days to play with looks.
Nat Night tomorrow! It's been ages since we had a proper catch up.

Day 2 - Has it grown?

Two days in and it feels longer, just me? LD said it was more hair coloured than blue scalp, how lovely. Made me wonder how blue my scalp was when it was first shaun?!

Rocking the navy t-shirt dress thing over jeans & Connies today. Bit hot for the legs by the time I'd finished work, stripped them off as soon as I'd got home!

Spent some time this evening making pegs, but in truth more of this time was faffing and attempting to tidy. Most of the eve was socially eating: LD's Italian friends who had been staying with us for a little over a week are heading homeward tomorrow, and kindly offered to feed us! We had linguini with broccoli and chilli, then caponata - Italian stew. Really nice and lovely not to cook on a Tuesday night!

I managed to get some pegs started too, which I'm quite pleased about! It's been ages since I made any, it's actually quite embarrassing in the shop. Completely my own fault. More tomorrow after Brownies.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hear thee, hear thee. Find me on ye Twitter too!

Bit of a Blog glut happening today...and why not?!
I shared my last post on Twitter, I thought I'd share my Twitter with you!
Follow me (@MiddleBCreative).
It looks like this:

It even matches the blog! What a ponce, I know. Enjoy. Follow me.

The pegs sold!

I've been selling some of my 'handcrafted paper based stuff and things' at the We Made It store in Canterbury ( I have some writing and notelet sets, plus packs of envelopes. On Saturday I put in a pack of magnetic pegs...and they sold the following day!! Yes I'm a little bit excited.
This is a perfect opportunity to tell you all about what I've been making!
Ideas evolved from making some envelopes out of magazines for some 'we'ved moved' cards for my sister, through the inspirations of Pinterest and Etsy, I pursued making them from old atlases sourced from a charity shop and was encouraged to make them in to sets. The idea was to sell on Etsy...but just before I was about to list them a phone call with a word of a local artisans store opening...With only 3 sets made I got to work and bolded started selling the few items I had.
Stock has matured to host a few different items, writing and notelet set , envelope packs, earrings (which aren't paper based, but handmade none-the-less) and peg fridge magnets.
So on to some images and details...

Upcycled Writing Sets

Currently sets are made from 'Atlas of the World' and 'Wild Flowers of the World'.
Each pack contains: x10 sheets A5 FSC certified writing paper, x5 C6 upcycled envelopes, x5 adhesive seals, x5 address lables. £7.50.

Upcycled Envelopes

Envelope packs are currently made from 'Atlas of the World' and 'Wild Flowers of the World'.
Each pack contains: x5 C6 upcycled envelopes, x5 adhesive seals, x5 address lables. £6.50.

Upcycled Notelet Sets 

Notelet Sets are currently only made from 'Wild Flowers of the World'.
Each pack contains: x5 A6 FSC certified cards, x5 C6 upcycled envelopes, x5 adhesive seals, x5 address lables. £7.50.

I've not yet taken a decent picture of the earrings or the magnets, I'll upload them another day!
At the moment they're only for sale in the We Made It shop in Canterbury, but let me know if you think I should get them onto Etsy/Folksy or if you'd like to by them direct from me?

Until next time [Gadget]...I'll leave you with a picture of my tiny shop:

Friday, 6 September 2013

Poemtry - unfinished and just discovered

Just found this saved as a draft post on my phone. My poor attempt at poetry (poem-try), from last year, not entirly sure why I sharing, but I'm embracing the blogging...let me apologise now...

Queen Liz has a Jublee,
for me, it's a few days off,
I will quaff, a bev or two,
at a hen do, once amigas three,
we'll happily, send her off,
caps we'll doff, a splendid do,
to bid adieu,

...yer that's it, more about my friend's hen do than the Queen's 'jublee'. Who know there may be more 'poemtry' one day, sorry about that!

September - In season eating

I love innocent smoothies, but more so do I love their newsletter, short and sweet and written like a friend would.
There's always a few links at the bottom to either YouTube sillyness or handy whatsits like this!

I hope this works as I'm blogging from my phone...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Point 7. Check!

"[Can't] stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball"... (
Ok, so I stayed on the computer and  tinkered with the blog least that's something I've achieved for the actual things I need to do...insert 'eeek' face here.